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Prophetic Dreams

I have always been a dreamer, in fact I used to say that my dreams could rival Stephen King, they were soooooooo wierd!  But ever since I became born again these type of dreams became less and less.  A few times I had revelational dreams from YAH and 1 or 2 conversations with Him whilst asleep!  In the last few weeks particularly, a lot of prophecy has been opened up for me within the scriptures and within my dreams particularly in relation to my family.  I want to share one dream with you as I believe it has significance for all believers in the Messiah, and since YAH has given me this message at least twice in slumber it must be important.  Please read through to the end.

My dream

I had a dream about the earth being invaded and taking over by aliens.  At first the aliens seemed friendly but I felt that something was not right about them.  Many people were drawn in by their deeds and followed and obeyed them willingly, but slowly they began to inflict slavery and bondage over the people of the earth.  There were groups of people who began to break away and hide out of distrust.  The aliens started to round-up people and take them into their spaceships to be put to death.  Inside of the spaceship, there was a large room which contained a great lake which they threw the people of earth into to kill them.  In the lake were carnivorous creatures which were loosed to destroy anybody who was pushed into the lake.

It transpired that I was rounded up to be thrown into the lake, but a commandment was given that anyone who keeps the sabbath would not be thrown into the lake.  And evidence was sought to verify this as many people claimed to keep the sabbath to keep their life.


Maybe, you will be able to see the meaning of this dream but if not this prophecy was made clear to me this morning after another dream about a member of my family.

Aliens represent the demonic spirits whose habitation is their earth, you will find many cults and sects including scientologists who worship aliens, what they are actually worshipping are the demons who were sent to dwell on earth.  In the dream, many people supported and followed the aliens, they were lulled into the prospect of a better more luxurious life full of fantastic alien technology etc.  This represents the many people who take the ‘mark’ of the beast or the kingdom of darkness.  Many things we take for granted much of our scientific and natural knowledge is the result of demonic influence that occurred when Hasatan tempted Eve (the books of Genesis and Enoch).  Our lifestyle choices indicate whether we accept the values of the kingdom of darkness or not.

The spaceship with the lake represents the lake of fire which has been especially reserved for the demons and their followers.  It may seem strange that the spaceship belonged to the aliens and that they were killing humans but actually it is not.  The spaceship belongs to the aliens/demons as the lake of fire has been especially created for them since the beginning of time.  Out of hatred they deceived the sons of men, only in order to kill their souls in the lake of fire.

A commandment was given not to kill those who kept the sabbath law, I never saw the person who gave this commandment it seemed to be a decree that came from on high which the aliens/demons were incapable of disobeying.  The proof sought here were the books we read about in Daniel and Revelations, which hold an account of our ‘works’.  It is by the records in this book, people were either allowed to be thrown into the lake of fire or not.

This dream is another revelation of the importance of YHVH’s  sabbath.


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