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What do we mean by ‘church’? (part 1)

A study on what it means to be a ‘church’ in the eyes of God. Part 1


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Pagan routes of modern Christianity

The truth about Christmas

For 28 years I have celebrated Christmas under the false impression that I was celebrating the birth of the saviour, until the LORD really began to move with speed in my life.  He pointed out the truth about Easter, church feasts and now Christmas.  The saddest thing is everything we need to know is in the Bible but people choose to follow church doctrines and follow blind shepherds instead of the only truth which is found in the bible. Remember what our saviour says: “Can the blind lead the blind? Will they not both fall into the ditch? Luke 6:39

It is a lot harder to stand up for the truth than to follow the crowd that is why the minority of people including “Christians” are really followers of the Messiah.  Didn’t He say “follow Me”, unfortunately so many people prefer to follow the world and follow fake man-made doctrines and indulge in false worship, our saviour had this to say about the doctrine of men: Mark 7:8

8 For laying aside the commandment of God, you hold the tradition of men[a]—the washing of pitchers and cups, and many other such things you do.”

This is later re-emphasised in the epistle by Paul in Colossians 2:8:

8 Beware lest anyone cheat you through philosophy and empty deceit, according to the tradition of men, according to the basic principles of the world, and not according to Christ.

Do not be fooled by comfortable rituals which appease your mind but do nothing for the spirit.  If you don’t believe me believe the Bible, test the Bible and ask the LORD, He has promised to show Himself to all who seek him in truth and in spirit.

The origin of Christmas

December the 25th is marked as the birth of the saviour, it is celebrated as a time for gift giving but many people are unaware of the origin of this date.  The Bible does not tell us when the Messiah was born to the unobservant reader, as all things in the scripture the truth can only be found through love, patience and respect for the LORD.

Now, I am no historian, much of what I write comes from the prompting of the spirit which reveals the truth to me through seeking the truth through revelations to other believers and through the spirit of God in my life.  I am no different to anyone else apart from I have a desire to know the truth no matter how uncomfortable it may be.  In relation to Christmas, I would like to point out a few truths and invite you to seek the validity of these statements on your own under the premise that “you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t force her to drink from it.”

Truth 1

The earliest reference to the date of the nativity as December 25 is found in the Chronography of 354, an illuminated manuscript compiled in Rome in 354.[26] The feast was introduced to Constantinople in 379, and to Antioch in about 380.  So in the 4th Century AD, over 300 years after the birth of the Messiah!  Taken from Wikipedia

Truth 2

Other names of Christmas are: Yuletide and Sol Invictus amongst other names.  These are all names of pagan festivals which originated to worship the sun during the winter solstice! Many pagans find it highly amusing that so-called “Christians” take part in worshipping one of their gods”.

Truth 3

The Roman Empire (The last Kingdom of Babylon – Europe and US) has “Christianised” pagan festivals into Christian feasts to enable the continuation of false worship and as such blind people to the truth.  Over the years worship of the sun became worship of the Son!  We are being lied to from the changing of the Sabbath to Sunday to watering down the scriptures for the sake of political correctness, these all testify to the power of the anti-Christ in our midst.

Truth 4

Observance of Christmas is worship of the sun god which the LORD forbade throughout the bible.  Christmas encourages worship of Baal gods such as the sun god by making it seem fun and full of “goodwill to all men”. (Deut 4:19)

Truth 5

Our saviour was born during the Hebrew Feast of Tabernacles in the month of Tishri, like Chinese whispers, a story re-told over and over across different tongues soon gets glamorised into something alien.  If you have no understanding of the Hebrew culture you will be more likely to incorporate it into your own norms which is what Greek NT writers did, with the help of those who persecuted the early Messianic church (no names mentioned).

Do your self a favour and investigate these 5 Truths, is your soul really worth being ignorant over?

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What does it really mean to be a Jew?

As I have come to embrace and understand the Hebrew Messiah I have noticed that many Christians hold a negative perception of the Jewish people and their culture and as such are not open to learning about the Hebrew roots of Christianity. This has caused much frustration for me and I have been asked whether I have converted to Judaism. Although I have not “converted” to Judaism, I do see mself as a Jew and I can fully understand why Messianics hold onto their Jewishness. However, within Christian circles anybody (including Jews) who accept the Messiah have become Christians. But what is the difference between being a Christian and a Messianic Jew?

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Light of the World

What does it mean when the Bible says that ‘Jesus (Yeshua) is the Light of the World’?

For an interesting sermon on this point please follow these links: John 1:1-5 and John 1:6-13

These sermons are from Beth Tikkun Messianic Fellowship, further information on this congregation can be found by visiting their website.

Please post your comments for discussion.  Please visit my page on Dark and Light.

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