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What does it really mean to be a Jew? (Numero dos)

Or I should rather say ‘what does it really mean to be an Israelite’?  I think many people including Jews themselves have become embroiled in the division of ‘Jew and Gentile’.  After searching on the internet for UK messianic congregations, I noticed that many of them seemed to have a ‘Jews only’ mentality ie. with Jews being anyone of Blood Jewish heritage.

My major problem with this is again it perpetuates the division between Jew and Gentile, if you look at my earlier post on the same topic we can see that Jews make up a small proportion of the Kingdom of Israel.  The other Israelites were scattered due to their disobedience to YHVH.  No one knows who the ‘Lost sheep of Israel’ apart from YAH.  But the Kingdom of Israel (God’s Kingdom is for all of Israel not just Judah (Jews)).

Likewise, it is wrong for non-Jewish believers to look down on their Jewish brothers and sisters because they are our only historical and cultural tie to the ancient ways of following YHVH.  I know that in around AD70 when the Jewish people were thrown out of Jerusalem, many Gentile believers felt that this meant that YHVH had abandoned Judah, this is not true.  Our pride can cause us to be cut off from the root which is the Messiah!  Many people struggle to link themselves into Israel by claiming blood heritage (Hebrew Yisraelites and Anglo-Israel/Jewish movements).  I personally, think that if the only claim you have to the Kingdom of God is your true or desired blood heritage you need to be very careful.  As John ‘the Baptist’ said YHVH us more than able to raise children of Abraham from rocks!  It takes more than blood to enter into the Kingdom of God.

The truth is that anyone who believes and confesses with their mouth  that the Messiah is YHVH, who came as flesh and died for us at crucifixion is saved.  This fact should act as a glue that brings Believing Jews and Gentiles together to form ‘Israel’ and not bring about distinct and separate communities.  After all as Paul said there is only one God who we worship and one truth which we should follow.  if the church is splintered then the next question we should ask is whose truth is the truth?


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